Your Early Warning System

Dr Sarah Myhill, who has spent 30 years studying the causes of most modern degenerative diseases, offers a blueprint of early symptoms to help you catch disease early.

"I hope to empower people to heal themselves through addressing the root causes of their diseases by examining the symptoms, and identifying the underlying mechanisms and relevant interventions, tests and tools for tackling their symptoms.

What follows is my blueprint of earlywarning symptoms, the end result of 30 years of trial and error.

I’ll start with symptoms because they, and the desire to regain wellbeing, are what give people the strength to put in place the difficult dietary and lifestyle regimes to restore full health."

Symptoms are desirable and therapeutic.

The best clinical clues come from symptoms, and 90 per cent of diagnoses come from the history.

The most common complaints heard by any doctor are pain and fatigue. These two symptoms are essential for protecting us from ourselves; they tell us what we can and cannot do. Without these warning symptoms we would keep going until we dropped because either our energy delivery ran out (stopping the heart and brain) or we would wear out (healing and repair occurs during sleep and rest). We ignore or suppress these symptoms at our peril.

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